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Word of the Day 2 week recap!

I missed a week, soooo lets see if I can cram them all in. Here goes:

"When I espy that special someone, nothing is going to stop me from the cosseting that's in store for her. My hortatory behavior would disport the feelings deep within my heart as well as the oneiric thoughts running through my mind. I doubt the pothering I made in the past should arise and I would take on an abstemious stance if lust ever overcame rational behavior. I have always believed the mores surrounding relationships are to be cherished and that sex would be the final averment.

Moving on, I have learned that tergiversation should never be part of a relationship and a paragon of honesty is certainly a must. I say this because once trust has been severed, there is little chance to redivivus the past, not even through prestidigitation. So heed my words, you can prevent unnecessary megrims by projecting a pure effulgence when playing the game of love."
Gah! I think it all makes sense..... ;P

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