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Parasite Cleansing time!!!

Wellll... It's been about a year since my last parasite cleanse, time to do another!!

I'm going to try a new product, Colonix. It has the same ingredients of the Paraway Pack I usually use and there is a good discount if you buy a 3 month treatment. I normally do a 1 month regime, but I've been feeling the need to do a super mondo cleanse after watching "Monsters Inside Me" on Animal Planet every Wednesday at 9pm. ;P

And here's a video that finally convinced me, retrieved from this site (not for the squeamish):

UPDATE: I decided on Ultimate Colon Cleanse because they include a free probiotic in each pack, plus they don't charge you for 30 days while you try it out!!!

30 Day Free Trial  I just ordered 3 packages using a  off coupon: 10OFFUCC

The total was about $160 and won't be billed for 30 days or ever if the product doesn't work (or I say it doesn't).... Muhahahahahaha!!!  ...but it should. ;}
Tags: cleanse, colonix, monsters inside me, parasites, paraway, ultimate colon cleanse
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