Keesh (keesh) wrote,

I never post here much anymore....

I let this thing go, like soo many other things in my life, just to come back and pretend I was never away... ;P

Life has been challenging and I like a challenge. I have been all sorts of happy and I have really been working on myself, but I still have a curse...not following through with wat I say.

I'm getting tired of it...saying one thing and doing the other or doing it beyond the time I told myself and others I'd do it. It's starting to really bug me and I really want to correct this behavior. Though, I must say, I have a patient person in my life that is motivating me to overcome this hurdle and I want to do it for myself, for her, and for others. I have no choice really, stay single and live with my bad habits or work them out bit by bit with someone...I choose the latter. :3

Other than that, I have 6 classes left to get my Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, and I made it through my 90 day probation with my new IT career with an Indian Organization with lots of room to move up and grow. I am really happy for this.

I have also been training with my bro for a July 16th Mountain Triathlon in Beaver Creek, Colorado. It will be a 1/2 mile swim, 9 mile mountain bike with 1500ft ele. climb, and a 3 mile run at 9,000ft elevation....I feel I am not training hard enough and I'm pretty certain of this. I have been commuting over 4 hours a day for my new job in LA and with tons of homework to do, I am having a hard time getting the everyday training in. I am still going to try my heart out and if I have to crawl to the finish line, I will!

Other than that, I still live in Riverside, my truck is paid off, my debt is following the same way, and I am living life!!! :D

Here are some recent photo's:

This day was amazing in Joshua Tree!!!!!

Limestone in the Santa Rosa mountains while hiking the Cactus Spring trail.

While hiking through the Cactus Spring trail, Jason, Dan and I found an old Cowboy Camp. "Wheee Haaaaw, I'm gunna make me some tea!"

Yeeeaaaahhh....I'm sure other people wondered how much toner is wasted in those Multifunction Printer Waste Containers... ;P Wheeee!

Well, I'm sure I can post's one more:

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