August 22nd, 2008

Vocal Boy

Mexico smexico!

So what if I feel like going to Mexico would be stressful. So what that I'm not going with my mom and sis and they asked me to go. So what I'd be leaving them to all the banditos and Mexican mafia.

Do I care? ....yeah...

Man, I don't want to go driving all willy nilly through Mexican borders with my familia, but now I'm going to stress over them getting killed or raped or whatever those far off people can conjure up.

Damned if I do and damned if i don't, I just know I'm keeping a Private Detective on speed dial once I find out they have been familia napped.

My sister is a loon, even after all the stories of fighting and rapings a happening down thar on the highways. I just don't trust the area at it's current state and I know I will be stressing out the whole time....but dammit, if I don't go....I don't know...

I bet it would be fun...of course I would worry the entire time....

..maybe I'm over reacting.....


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