September 13th, 2008

Vocal Boy


Well sooo far:

1. Contacts check! I can see in HD!!!! I swear, it's a huge difference! All those that have perfect vision, well, I'm one of you now! ;P If I can only manage my sanity trying to keep these suckers wet, it would be a blessing. Gah! Next will be braces. :/

2. Been going to beach almost every weekend, hit me up, I'm learning all about Laguna beach. I even have this picture that is not of the beach but was a by product of going down there.

Have any of yous been to one of those do it yurself frozen yogurt houses? I matched the toppings with the yogurt! There was even free WiFi! :P hehe

3. I bought myself a new laptop Best Buy P-7811FX, on sale for 1200!! It's been a while not having my own desktop or adequate laptop, sooooo...Desktop Replacement Status all the way! :D It just weighs over 9 lbs is all. :P I'm hoping to pick up a cheap, small laptop for surfing in the future.

4.I bought a Wacom tablet!!!! ZOMG!! I have wanted one of these for soooooo long!!! In conjunction with the new laptop, I have no problem running any of the visual programs. :) I even tried my hand at painter, of course I have no clue which brushes are best to use, so this took a couple hours, Simba.

I'm sure there are other things, but I need to get back to work if I'm ever going to get to the beach at a reasonable time tonight, sucks working on the weekends!!!