May 26th, 2009

Vocal Boy

Bishop post...not!

I am still gathering photos from this last trip to Bishop, it was awesome! I will post the photos later along with some detail.


In other news, I went to my first concert at the Palladium Tuesday night, and saw The Decemberists! It was quite thrilling!

I went backstage and talked to the lead singer/songwriter, Colin. He was cool until I told him that I snuck back there...hehe. ;P Met John, the drummer, he is a very decent fellow, and I love his personality! But, the main reason for going back there was in search of Jesse. He is the lead singer/songwriter of "Other Lives", we were talking after his opening performance, and I wanted to chill a bit with him backstage. But after Colin realized I shouldn't have been there, he left, and shortly thereafter, security came up to escort me out... But ha! I was making my way down the stairs anyway! Boo ya Colin! ;D

I do have to say, the Palladium has shoddy accommodations for the bands that play there. I can remember a small room with ugly painted walls and a mountain of cauliflower on the snack table... But anyway, I had a lot of fun and met some awesome women. Most of them reminded me of V-dawg. Go figure...haha!

Next up is the Key Club, I won 2 free tickets to see "Leerone" perform along with "VAST" this Friday! :}

Here, have some funny: