June 1st, 2009

Vocal Boy

Word of the Day retention scramble bonanza!

I've been receiving some awesome "Word[s] of the Day", but I find I have not been using a single one. So, to have my brain retain, I'm making something out of the accumulation of words each week. Here goes:

"Being taciturn by nature, it was an even greater challenge to talk to females. When love struck me, I venerated her because she wasn't just another sybarite focused on petty wealth, but a sagacious woman devoted to knowledge and wisdom. I do admit, a stearn fillip to my senses was needed to keep my obsessed, pejorative e-mails from undoing a wonderful relationship. I have thus realized, that the depredations of uncontrolled thought or emotions toward another person can be quite troublesome, sometimes leading to unwanted depression or avoirdupois."
Hee! This is quite fun! :D


Interesting.... Some old guy just came in my office and told me, "The secret to life, is to live it....live life." An old man told this to him 55 years ago when he was about my age...

I think I am on the right path, living life and trying out everything. :}

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Weekend Advice

What I heard this weekend:

"If you have an attraction toward a person and that person has a mutual attraction to you, back off a little, and let it grow naturally." And, "If you do have an attraction toward someone, let them know, and if at that point the other person is not interested, move on."

This dude was talking to his roommate and I overheard while I was waking up Saturday morning. Good timing by gar.


Holy cow, I had a Crepe Suzette over the weekend too! *droooool*

...I need to make a Bishop photo post......