September 12th, 2011

Vocal Boy

Posty Post

It's been a while and by no means this post is gonna kick off posting on this thing again. If I continue to post...marvelous.

Quick run down:

-Working back at my Estimating job in Riverside (by choice).

-Doing this essential oil biz on the side, I really like learning and teaching others about the oils. Going to have a Ren Faire Cart with my necklaces and oils at Koroneburg next year.

-Graduated College in June. :-D

-Finally back to normal after the dreaded relationshipz entanglement. I have a slight tendency to go back to spending a good deal of my time with animals again instead of people(family, friends, women). I feel at peace with animals, they are easier to understand, and don't have hidden agendas.

-My 4x4 truck is coming along nicely, I have a fridge to install, and looking at getting an extended fuel tank. Here's a photo:

-Living rent free, although with restrictions, but saving money for now.

Other than that, you're caught up. ;-)
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