Keesh (keesh) wrote,

Back to my old job

Well, after a year of working for an IT Dept, I came back to Estimating. I loved training and doing all that computer jazz, but an opportunity came up and I would have been stupid not to take it. I'm living back in Riverside and I don't have a 3 hour commute or have to live in my truck tent. I never liked couch surfing, so I got a mobile tent that is easy to deploy. Of course, the 120 degree summer makes a commute to the mountains a necessity, so the money would have to be spent on either gas or a rental place in the desert.

Right now, I live rent free, I don't have a commute, food and cell phone are paid for, and I am making over 10k more a year. I plan to save half of my salary this year. Believe it or not, I was spending over $700 a month eating out and the same in gas. That 1400 is going to savings. I'm also getting better sleep, taking a shower everyday, going to the gym, and eating healthy. For now, life is sweet. :-3

Oh! My last day of college is on Wednesday and I walk June 4th!!!! :D
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