Keesh (keesh) wrote,

A simple rant

If you allow media and a company's PR department to hook you line and sinker, you will never know the truth. Keep our Internet free!

Protect your freedoms and fight for our Constitution at any chance you may have, we as a people need to halt any Amendments/Bills that will undermine the document that keeps our land free and us safe from Aristocratic government. Because as you rightfully know, the Constitution is to protect us from this government (Banks/Upper Class), and it's this government that has been stripping us from our Constitutional rights for many years. What Thomas Jefferson wanted to protect us from.

The ones pulling the strings are corporations like BP (British Petroleum) who is run out of another country, they do not have "our" land in their best interests. Corporations and Banks are known not have "all" the people in their best interest, they want us to remain dumb, to remain poor, and own very little if nothing. The last 200 years have changed drastically based on people's wants/needs/goals, either for the good or the bad. It only takes a handful of people to do the right things and for those to teach others from the examples they lay down, so that the mass can learn from those deeds and teach others.

This is a very good video to watch on what happend to our economy just recently:

"Tyrants - a group of individuals who took over many Greek [Cities] during the uprising of the middle classes in the sixth and seventh centuries BC, ousting the aristocratic governments."

We are the Middle Class and they will stop at nothing to bring us back down to poverty.

And here is still a favorite track: (RIP Christopher McCandless)

Be free America and stand up for the land we fought for.
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