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New Year Update

I'm in Menifee now, moved from Norco around July. I'm really sick of moving...

I'm on 2.5 acres and there is soo much potential with this old 1940's place. I have a chicken coop, goat pen, horse tack, rabbit cages, cold underground storage, honey bees, and sweet fire pit.  It has gorgeous natural landscape too! Trees and boulders everywhere!

Anyway, found out the rent I was paying was going to the existing tenant which wasn't paying the real landlord and now the landlord is evicting everyone on the property (It's actually 5 acres and there are two other renters). I have a chance to buy the property for the appraised value, which is around $150K. Of course, I really don't have much of a down to get a loan, and it will be a short sale. :-/

If evicted, I have been paying $1000 a month rent and it cost me $2000 to move in, so I'm going to court to get at least 3 months time and the money back in order to make another move. My next move is waaaay up in the hills, I don't care if it takes me almost 2 hours to drive to work either. LOL

Other than that, dogs are doing well, I am still milking cows in Chino every other week (RAW milk is AWESOME!), Ren Faire will be starting up soon (I have a bunch of booth building plans), and I was offered a baby Jersey cow (from our milking Jersey). If I take the cow, he is solely a meat cow which I shall name "T-Bone". Roughly it costs $3/LB after all the feeding and caring. I'll give him a happy life with lots of scritches, but I wish he was a female so I could keep the little bugger around (for milk). Oooh well, you know what they say about free baby cows, "BEEF, it's what's for Dinner!" hehe

Here he is. Looks like he has a fox head on his head. LOL!

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