Next Triathlon

Well, Lake Arrowhead Triathlon is canceled this year due to the economy... :( I was really looking forward to this was only $65 bucks and up in the awesome mountains... phooey! The Xterra tri is canceled too...sorry Haski...

But, Catalina is still rocking in November: . The only problem with this Tri is the cost...$120 to register, $25 to ferry across, and a hotel stay on the island Friday night ($100+). D:

There's a Long Beach Tri, but the way I swallow water, I might get a candy wrapper stuck in my throat. ;P

I have until October to register for Catalina, by then, money will be saved up. :}
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The dogs got the father of my "sparrow" family... D:

He's giving me the eye...

His head is now located in my rock garden at work (body was too mangled to keep) they got him...but at least Zeus was a happy dog.. :/ 

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My wonderful team members....

I had a good crack up over team member from class turned in her portion of the paper this week...I gave it back to her for obvious reasons...I'd rather read my mom's e-mail messages..:P
From: cyn.....
Subject: MY PART WK 4

Identify Napalms Supply Chain
With Napalm Smoothies The Efficient Supply Chain will be used. Since Napalm is and Innovated Product, Which mean that the product have has a life cycle. Napalm's life cycle is a few months. And because of the short life cycle and the variety of the product further increase is unpredictable. Efficient Supply Chain is more suitable because we will utilize strategies aimed at creating the highest cost efficiency. For these efficiencies to succeed all non value activities must be eliminated. All positive techniques should be strategically maneuver to achieve the best usage in production and distribution. All the information attain must be used to ensure accurate cost effective transmission of data across the supply chain.


Good Gawd!!
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Birthday Goodness!!!

For my birthday, I decided to celebrate the Earth by watching Disney's Earth with my friends. Disney will plant a tree for every person who watches the movie at any theater, but FYI, it ends this week! SO GO!!

Other than that, I'm buying me a fiddle for $70 to start making street monies!!!!!! :D


I've always wanted one and it comes with a hard case....unlike my acoustic guitar... *sigh* I'll post a pic of that later... and no need to fit my large keyboard back in my tiny room, I'ma gonna fiddle by crikey!

Triathlon Schmathlon!

My first triathlon, the Newport Beach Tri, is finished, and I won....won my life. :P Haha! But seriously, I freaked out a little in the water when the group of 65 swimmers started to squeeze together around the first buoy and I was right in the middle.....

Spawning Salmon

Collapse )

Thank you skorzy and thornwolf for taking the awesome shots and being there for me!!! I saw and heard you at every section! You guys ROCK!!!!!!! :D

Also, Vannie's Birthday Party kicked ass that weekend and I'm glad I was able to attend!!!
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Feeling Good Today! :D

"There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills."  -Buddha

I just closed the book on a friendship (first time ever!) because the person would not trust me. So it is safe to say, there is nothing without trust.  The whole ordeal opened my eyes to my actions on myself and to the actions on others. Trust in yourself, so the trust you have in your friends does not diminish with your doubts.

On a side triathlon is in 4 days!!!!! 1/2 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run.......I know I haven't been training as hard as  I should, but I have faith......and trust!!! :D </side note>

Anyhoo, I totally went off on a tangent with this post.....I just wanted to say, every time I go to Google Earth and look over the ocean's floor, I feel my petty wants and ambitions are of no importance. Sometimes I feel the world isn't big enough for humans, sometimes I feel our natural resources are dwindling, and sometimes I feel caged.....but ya know, the world is a great big place and those "sometimes" are just in my head... :3

I'm getting back to my old self and becoming happy with who I am, I'm finding contentment in life and I'm just letting things happen as they may, of course with standards. ;} 
Eating myself


The proof is in the Grapes!!

I've been following Resveratrol for quite some time, but there wasn't a pure form that worked..... Well you can wait 5 years or get a free trial that claims to have the formula correct:

Oh, as for staying hungry, I have heard that many times, it's worth a try. Regardless, if I can't afford the pills or starve myself, I know I am definitely making grapes a part of my diet! XP
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Snoopy vs. The Red Baron!!!!! (Happy day!)

OMG!!! :D

I used to have the LP of this, I listened to it over and over on my mom's record player!!! (I also had Jolly Green Giant!) ;P

There is also a Christmas version!

Also, I guess I'm behind on the Happy Meme:

Saturday: A friend invited me to his family's traditional cookie party where I made Date Walnut cookies from scratch!!! Everyone liked them! :D

Sunday: Went ice skating with thornwolf  in Riverside and enjoyed the brined turkey she made, just for me!!!! Hee!! I was insanely happy! Thank you ever so Thorn! :3 (I just ate the rest of the candied yams this morning. OMG! Delorshus!!)

Monday: Lots of rain and snow!!!

Tuesday: Wasn't too happy this day, especially finding out the news about Buddy's passing. :(
    But if anything, I'm glad to have started reading "A Game of Thrones", it's part of A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. Thorn gifted the series to me for Christmas!!!!!!! :D

And now we are current. and I am plump with yams, listening to Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.. ;P
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Happy Meme! :3

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.


Today, I laughed my ass off at this:

This is quite the jolly:

The whole mustache and finger scene is nasty in this one, but she is wild! Love her expressions. :D

But other than these silly videos, I am quite happy my boss is treating me more like an equal. I have been behaving, (gasp!) like an adult at work, following thu with my words, and we seem to be really getting along. I'm feeling like a man every day, no more of this boy crap! :3
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White Knight Syndrome

Maybe it is a disease? I'm starting to believe nice guys do finish last...... ;P

Hmmmmmmmmm.....anyhoo, here are a couple Texas Ren Fest pics:

My follow through is lacking, but dammit, I'm still doing better, I just need to stop stretching my time to encompass soo many last minute things. I'll get the hang of time management soon enough.

And, Mormon dances are awesome!!!!!! I went to one in Huntington on Friday night and felt like I was back in High School. This time I actually had the confidence to dance with women (slow dance)! Definitely going to go every month!! There is one at March Air Museum on New Year's Eve, if anyone wants to go, it's 10 bucks to get in. No drinking, no smoking, no drugs, no caffeine, no sex, just plain wholesome dancin! :3

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